Ubuntu – How to uninstall Softmaker Office 2012 if I downloaded their Deb


I downloaded Softmaker Office 2012 from their website as a deb and installed it. How do I now remove it?

Is it done in terminal? If so what is the command? I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 on a laptop.

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  • This depends on what the software is and also how well it was made ... but in general: normally I would expect an uninstall option in the directory where the software resides.

    If not ...

    • open a termimal, go to the directory with cd and do a remove (rm) of the files or directory those files reside in from the termimal.
    • or navigate with Nautilus to the directory where it is installed, select it and hit delete.

    If the software created all kinds of configuration files this will force you to manually track and remove them. Also: you also will need to manually stop the service if applicable preferbly before removing the software.

    In this case: softmaker can be removed with this command.

    sudo dpkg -r softmaker-office-2012

    if installed with the .DEB file. If you used the tar.gz file then there is a script

    sudo uninstallsmoffice12

    that removes it.

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