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I have installed an old version of WPS Office. A few days ago, something went wrong and now I can't use software udpade among other problems.
Just I wanted to update WPS Office. I downloaded:


When AppGrid tryed to install it, something fail.

I always get this error message:

E:The package wps-office:i386 needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.

I tryed to unistal from terminal, but alway shows me the same error.

I can't remove WPS-Office and I can't update it, even I can't udate my system o install others apps. What can I do?

Thanks for you help

Best Answer

  • Download and install the deb file again

    wget http://kdl.cc.ksosoft.com/wps-community/download/a19/wps-office_9.1.0.4975~a19p1_i386.deb
    sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/wps-office_9.1.0.4975\~a19p1_i386.deb

    Now remove via

    sudo apt-get remove wps-office
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