Ubuntu – How to Unmount WIndows Partition Disk Permantely


I have dual OS (Windows 8 and Ubuntu), when I using Ubuntu, Windows partition Disks are automatically mounted in Explorer. I need to unmount permanently on every boot or permanently. I tried this in Gparted but when reboot it again mounted.
Kindly Share your views.

Best Answer

  • If you want to do it nicely (i.e. really not mount the disks rather than mount them somewhere strange) it is a bit more complicated than what is suggested in the other answer. The best guide to follow is:

    Hide your disks or partitions from Nautilus

    I followed the guide just the other day and it worked well. Essentially you create a file /etc/udev/rules.d/99-hide-disks.rules in which you put the line


    where sda1 is the name of the partition you want to hide. In some systems (12.10?) it can also be

    KERNEL=="sda1", ENV{UDISKS_IGNORE}="1"

    Then you reboot.