Ubuntu – How to update to kernel 3.8 rc7 Ubuntu 12.10


How do I update my kernel to 3.8 RC7 on Ubuntu 12.10? I need step by step instructions. I did a Google search but only found instructions on rc5 and below.

Best Answer

  • Instructions for installing a new "mainline" kernel aren't specific for any version. Just install the packages.

    1. Go to the download page for Ubuntu mainline kernel packages.
    2. Select the kernel version - e.g. v3.8-rc7-raring
    3. Download the packages fit for your architecture. For 64 bit this is all amd64 marked, for 32-bit this is i386. Also pick the architecture-independent packages marked with all. So:

    4. Install them all at once:

      sudo dpkg -i /path/to/Downloads/linux-*3.8.0*.deb
    5. Update your Grub bootloader (most general installations are running Grub).

      sudo update-grub
    6. Done.

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