Ubuntu – How to upgrade all 50 Desktops in a network


How can i upgrade all the 50 desktops to Maverick Meerkat. Is there any netinstall method ?

Best Answer

  • You can proxy and cache the packages (as mentioned in Scaine's answer) but in my opinion, this doesn't save you much time, mostly just bandwidth. Of course the upgrades will download faster from a local source but if you still have to toddle from machine to machine... It's a lot of time. Even SSHing in and triggering the upgrade would take a while.

    The best tool for the job is probably one of Canonical's paid services: Landscape.

    With it you can manage all your computers from a nice central web-based UI. Push packages, updates, reboots, with monitoring.

    It's not free but you can get a 30-day trial to see if it fits the bill.