Ubuntu – How to use a gamepad


I'm planning on buying a game-pad for playing games on emulators (like ZSNES) and I have read a few articles on the net related to some game-pads not working in Linux especially when playing games via Wine. But that only for Wine, right? There are some questions in my mind, like:

  1. Does that mean that all native Ubuntu games work fine with any game-pads OR this too has specific game-pads? that work on Ubuntu(12.04).

  2. What if I buy a random game-pad say Unofficial/Fake, will it be recognize it as a game-pad or will Ubuntu ignore it?

  3. If it gets recognized how will I/it find the appropriate drivers required for using the hardware? OR will drivers not be necessary and I can start playing, right after I bought it and plugged it in?

Best Answer

All gamepads/joysticks (5 or so) I have tried so far did work. For configuration install qjoypad or jstest-gtk. Qjoypad worked better if I remember correctly.