Ubuntu – How To Use i18n.tr in Ubuntu Touch Projects


I have been using i18n.tr for a while in my Ubuntu-Touch projects. I know what this function is about but I don't know how to add a translation to my project.

Where do I have to place my translation file?
With what name?
How must its content be written?
How should I connect it with my app?
How do I test it with qmlscene ?

Best Answer

Take a look at TouchWriter code and especially its README, where all needed commands are given.

Quick summary

  • You need to bind the text domain before using gettext. In C++ you can do it like this:

    bindtextdomain("domainname", "somedir");

    In Qml you can probably do something like this:

    i18n.bindtextdomain("domainname", "somedir");
    i18n.domain = "domainname";

    Be sure to do that before 18n.tr is used.

  • To generate .pot template and source .po files, use these commands:

    xgettext -C --qt --keyword=tr -p somedir -o messages.pot
    msginit -i somedir/messages.pot -o somedir/somelanguage.po

    (replace somedir with the directory your domain is bound to, and somelanguage with the language you want to translate to).

  • To generate .mo files from source .po files, use msgfmt po-file -o mo-file command.

  • Compiled .mo files should be placed inside a directory you bound the text domain to, more specifically in


    (replace somedir, somelanguage and domainname with your values).

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