Ubuntu – How to wipe/format entire disk using gparted


With gnome-disk-utility alias palimpsest there is an option to format entire disk with partitioning scheme "none" or something similar.

How do I do that in gparted?

(? is it the "loop" option ?)

Or does it not have that feature?

Best Answer

  • The first two answers do not actually wipe the disk.

    Formatting or re-writing the partition table, as suggested in the first 2 answers, does NOT delete the data and the data can be recovered in about 20 minutes.

    This is because deleting and recreating partition table does not delete data at all. You can recover data even after quick format of partition. It is not a rocket science - even simplest file recovery utilities will recover this data.

    Although gparted can re-format the drive, gparted will not wipe the data.

    In order to wipe the data you need to write data to the disk. This can be done with a variety of tools from dd to dban to a number of command line tools.

    See Securely erase hard drive using the Disk Utility for details.

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