Ubuntu – How to write en and em dashes


I am a bit of a Grammar Nazi, so I like my grammar to be correct, I understand that for you to be able to type en and em dashes that you have to configure the COMPOSE key or something like that but I am not sure about that nor how I get from there to being able to type the two in addition to just the minus sign.

So that really is my question, how to I type en and em dashes on Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 with GNOME 3.18?

Information Update:

I have now looked at this answer, so I would now also like to know the code for the en dash and how to assign other keyboard shortcuts to these unicode characters as I don't want to have to type something too long in order to get these.

Best Answer

You need to learn the Unicode numbers of these two characters. They are not actually hard to remember, because they look like years. ;)

  • En dash: U+2013
  • Em dash: U+2014

To write a Unicode symbol, perform the following actions:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+U (the display will show something like )
  • Type the code (e.g. 2014)
  • Press Enter

There you go: – —

For a complete reference to Unicode characters, run gucharmap.