Ubuntu – How well does the Macbook Air work with Ubuntu


I'm thinking of getting a nice laptop [thin like Macbook Air, Actually I'm thinking of getting Macbook Air itself]. Question is, how well it will go with Ubuntu.

Being ubuntu user for last 7 years, I cant think of moving away just for great hardware capabilities in AirBook. However, It would be great if Ubuntu 11.04 runs on Airbook smoothly without much of messy.

I would wish to have all Ubuntu 11.04 features to work with Macbook Air.[Video/Audio, Keyboard, Touchpad, etc]. Is there users out here tried and would recommend Macbook Air ?. Any good guide would help as well.

Best Answer

There is a good discussion on the Apple Users section of ubuntuforums which is definitely worth a read through and contains probably the most up to date guide and experiences which others have had. You could also look at: http://ebsi4711.blogspot.com/2010/10/ubuntu-on-macbookair31-11.html

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