Ubuntu – HP LaserJet printer doesn’t have 2 sided option


When I want to print something, I don't get the option to print on both sides of a paper although my printer supports this feature. How can I fix this? Do I have to download a proprietary driver?

My printer is a HP LaserJet p2015n.

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  • In addition to lamcro and wdypdx22's answer (check that the hplip package is installed) you need to make sure your printer is set to using the right driver. In System->Administration->Printers you can select the printer:

    alt text

    Right click on your printer and select properties, then click on the Button next to Make and Model that is labeled "Change", then the system will go looking for a driver:

    alt text

    Since you have it installed this won't take long (it can fetch updated ones from openprinting.org so there's never a need to manually install drivers). After the search it will give you an option to use the driver, select the one with (HPIJS). Now the printer options should be available in the "Printer Options" section of the last screenshot.

    As a bonus, HP provides a native tool for Linux users that provides even more features than the bundled generic tool. It's called the hplip toolbox, you can install it by installing the hplip-gui package or just search for it in the Software Center.

    alt text

    This is the tool I prefer to use to manager my hp printers. There is a wishlist request bug asking that when anyone with an hp printer plugs in it just installs all this automagically, which would be pretty great.

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