Ubuntu – HP PSC-2100 can’t seem to get xsane and HPLIP (printing working)


I am trying to get my printer setup to both "Print" and "Scan", yep, I need to do both. Both attempts (yep, I've gone thru this twice). The First time I was able to print just fine, but the scanner didn't work, xsane was complaining about hpaio, etc.

After I installed the ://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/index.html AllInONE software I was able to print and scan, then something went wrong (THIS IS THE QUESTION ???)

ALL Print jobs immediately get put in "HELD" status, if I "RELEASE" them, they immediately go back to HELD.

Currently, I am able to scan (perfectly might I add) without any problems, I installed the HPLIP from ://help.ubuntu.com/community/HpAllInOne website after following some thread, it appeared that would solve my issues.

Working from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HpAllInOne, I am able to get a clean installed but when I get to the Synaptic steps, I appears to me that HPLIP is installed multiple times as the HP LIP Device manager report software version:3.12.2 Device Mgr: 15.0 (Qt4) while synaptic is reporting:3.11.7-1, which in the synaptic window appear NOT to be installed. In the synaptic window I only see "openprint-ppds" and "pxljr" as being installed.

Do I need to removed packages and start over , can I get back to "Out-of-the-box" easily ?

I'm guessing by installing the opensource version I shot myself, but I'm thinking that I wasn't able to scan or something, that why I ended up following the links to HPLIP support.

If I can forward any output (eg: HP-CHECK -t which is clean, no warnings/errors) just ask !

Thanks for your attention and help,

Best Answer

  • Ok. I've performed the following and my printer is working again, although I can't scan at present.

    sudo apt-get autoremove xsane sudo apt-get autoremove libsane-extras

    I am will reinstall hplip-3.12.2.run (HPLIP) and see if I can try this again !

    thanks for all your support

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