Ubuntu – I can’t install Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS alongside windows 7 system restarts


I can't install Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS because system restarts as I choose to install alongside windows 7 and press continue till then everything goes fine. I tried many times but I didn't get success. Please help as soon as possible.

Best Answer

  • Do the following:

    1-In windows 7 free up some space for Ubuntu. Keep at least 30 GB. Keep this space unallocated. Don't make it into a separate partition. You can create a separate partition using Disk Management utility of windows.

    2-Now try installing but instead of choosing Install alongside Windows 7 choose Something Else

    3-In there you locate the unallocated space, select it, and press the + button.

    4-In the drop down list you will find option Swap Area or something like that, choose it, and make the size near about the size of your RAM, and click OK.

    5-If you have a GPT disk you will have to create boot area. Not sure create anyway. It does no harm. For creating boot area select the remaining unallocated space,click +, choose Ext4 and choose the mount point as /boot. Give 1 GB max to /boot.

    6-Now create the main root area. Select the remaining unallocated space, select '+', Choose Ext4, take the max size available, aand choose mount point as /.

    7-Click next or continue. It might show a warning message or something. Click OK.


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