Ubuntu – I continue to get this when trying to log into ubuntu one from the ubuntu desktop


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How to recover/reset forgotten Gnome Keyring Password?

 **Enter password to unlock your login keyring**

The password that you use to log into your computer is no longer matches your log in keyring.

Best Answer

  • Click Applications

    Click Accessories

    Click Passwords and Encryption Keys


    Press ALT+F2

    Then type in seahorse


    Right click Passwords: login

    Select Change Password


    Change the password to blank. This will allow autologin to use your wireless password, start remote desktop, etc.

    Another way is to remove the old keystore.

    killall -9 gnome-keyring-daemon
    rm -fr ~/.gnome2/keyrings/

    reboot the computer sudo init 6and then on the first prompt to enter a new keyring password, i.e. when starting empathy or NetworkManager,simply press enter, a warning appears asking Use insecure storage?, press enter one more time. From now on, you won't be asked about passwords anymore. And yes, this is insecure; if you are paranoid, don't do it. enter enter

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