Ubuntu – I dont know what does sudo su bash mean


I want to run amun honeypot on Ubuntu 13.10 and I sometimes have problem with running this honeypot. I just write this command $ sudo ./amun_server.py & but it cant work sometimes. I want to try this command sudo su bash but I don't know what this command can do.

Best Answer

  • When you type:

     sudo <command>

    you are running as root user, the requested password is your password. Only your uid is changed and the environment is the same as your user.

    When you type:


    su command without parameter allow user to become superuser. In this case the requested password is about root.

    When you type:

     sudo su

    you are running su as root user, sudo ask your password and su does not. So you can become root without knowing the password.

    Caution: It is strongly recommended to not use this command unless you really know very well what you are doing

    If you want exec command as another user login shell environment:

     sudo su - <user> -c <command>


     sudo -u <user> -i <command>

    Here is useful link

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