Ubuntu – I keep running out of space and I have a second disk that I can use, how to format and make accessible

hard drivepartitioning

I need to format a second hard drive for use by Ubuntu 15.04.
I have two disks of approx. 310 GB each. One drive is in use by Ubuntu. That one keeps running out of room (though I use sudo apt-get autoclean; clean; autoremove and I am unsure if I am applying those commands correctly). However, I need to have the formatting commands that will make the second drive available for Ubuntu. Would the second drive be able to be seamlessly available to the OS for all storage operations? Would I have to move applications to the new drive? If so, how?

Best Answer

  • You can format it in every readable aand writeable format like ext2/3/4 for just Linux as the're native for it and if used by Windows too - to FAT32 or NTFS. Tgen you may just move files/folders. The file manager is able to mount the partition just with one click.

    The formatting may easily be done with GParted. To install it, use the following command:

    sudo apt-get install gparted
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