Ubuntu – I want to remove windows 8 and windows 7 from the triple boot with ubuntu 12.04


Right now in my bootloader i have 3 OS namely ubuntu 12.04 , windows 7 and windows 8 .
i have a virus in my pc and so windows 7 and 8 dont work. i want only ubuntu 12.04 on my pc right now and then after cleaning my pc free from viruses i may dual boot it with windows for gaming purposes.
so how do i remove windows 7 and windows 8 and just keep ubuntu as my operating system ?
Please help.


Best Answer

Just delete the Windows partitions with gparted.
Make sure to open gparted as root.

if you don't have gparted installed install it by typing sudo apt-get install gpareted in a terminal.

Start it with sudo gparted and edit your partitions.

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