Ubuntu – Ibus not working in Lubuntu


I install lubuntu few days ago and I tried to add my locale(sinhala). By using command ibus-setup I got the ibus configuration window and then I add my locale. I can see the keyboard icon on the top bar and when I use key combination ctrl+space it change default English(US) to my locate. But that effects nothing. When I type all I get is English. I tried adding another locale and result is the same.

I tried running im-switch -s ibus which gives a error like

Error: no configuration file "ibus" exists.
Error: No action taken.

So I guess though ibus is running it is not set as the input method. Can anyone give me a hand here.

Best Answer

  • I think you should install the ibus-m17n package.

    sudo apt-get install ibus-m17n

    Then, next time you log in, you should see a bunch of new Sinhala options when running ibus-setup. Pick the one of your choice, and hopefully it makes a difference.