Ubuntu – Image viewer that shows transparent as white or different color, not as checkered


I have made a number of graphical mockups in SVG, and then exported them to PNG. They all have transparent background, because that makes sense in my case.

However, it isn't easy to browse through the PNG-files. Both Gwenview and Gnome Image Viewer (aka eog, Eye of Gnome) show the background as gray checkered. Chrome shows it how I like it, but it can't really browse through images, whereas Gwenview shows the next image on a right arrow click.

Is there an image viewer that let's me browse through SVG / PNG and show the background as fx white? Or another solution to my problem?

Gwenview and Gnome Image Viewer

enter image description here

Chrome Browser

enter image description here

Best Answer

Open the Gnome Image Viewer and change the settings for Transparent Parts

enter image description here

And the same for Gwenview, change the settings for Transparent Background

enter image description here