Ubuntu – In 13.04 using Unity Tweak Tool hot corners stops working after reboot


I have 13.04 64 bit Ubuntu installed and I'm using Unity Tweak tool to enable hot corners everything works as it should as long as I don't reboot as soon as I do hotcorners stops working. In order to get them functioning again I have to open the tweak tool and turn hotcorners off and then back on after every reboot. This I admit isn't a huge issue but is annoying is there anyway to get hotcorners to work properly after reboot with out having to reset them every time?

Best Answer

    1. Install dconf-editor:

      $ sudo apt-get install dconf-tools
    2. Run dconf-editor (don't use sudo as the changes wont affect your account)

    3. Navigate to org -> compiz -> profiles -> unity -> plugins -> core.

    4. Copy the field active-plugins into Gedit, and edit it so unityshell is the last item. Paste it back into dconf.

    5. Restart your computer.

    (Tried on 14.04, it works.)