Ubuntu – Include command in output file

bashcommand line

Sorry for the confusing title!

Suppose I run

apt-cache depends kde-window-manager > ~/Desktop/kwin-depends

I'll get a file named "kwin-depends" in my Desktop folder.

Is there some trick to include the command I issued as part of the file, preferably at the start of the file?

So, at least in 14.04 LTS, the first few lines would look like this:

apt-cache depends kde-window-manager > ~/Desktop/kwin-depends

  Depends: kde-runtime
  Depends: libc6
 |Depends: libegl1-mesa
  Depends: <libegl1-x11>

Instead of just like this:

  Depends: kde-runtime
  Depends: libc6
 |Depends: libegl1-mesa
  Depends: <libegl1-x11>

Best Answer

I would just use a simple function. Add this to your ~/.bashrc file:

function runcom(){
    echo "$@"
    ## Run the command

Now, whenever you want to run a command and print it, you can do:

runcom apt-cache depends kde-window-manager > out

The above produces this file:

$ cat out
apt-cache depends kde-window-manager
  Depends: perl
  Depends: kde-runtime
  Depends: kde-style-oxygen
  Depends: libc6
 |Depends: libegl1-mesa
  Depends: <libegl1-x11>
  Depends: libgcc1
 |Depends: libgl1-mesa-glx
  Depends: <libgl1>
 |Depends: libgles2-mesa
  Depends: <libgles2>
  Depends: libice6
  Depends: libkactivities6
  Depends: libkcmutils4
  Depends: libkdeclarative5
  Depends: libkdecorations4abi2
  Depends: libkdecore5
  Depends: libkdeui5
  Depends: libkio5
  Depends: libknewstuff3-4
  Depends: libkwineffects1abi5
  Depends: libkwinglesutils1
  Depends: libkwinglutils1abi2
  Depends: libkworkspace4abi2
  Depends: libplasma3
  Depends: libqt4-dbus
  Depends: libqt4-declarative
  Depends: libqt4-script
  Depends: libqtcore4
  Depends: libqtgui4
  Depends: libsm6
  Depends: libstdc++6
  Depends: libwayland-client0
 |Depends: libwayland-egl1-mesa
  Depends: <libwayland-egl1>
  Depends: libx11-6
  Depends: libx11-xcb1
  Depends: libxcb-composite0
  Depends: libxcb-damage0
  Depends: libxcb-image0
  Depends: libxcb-keysyms1
  Depends: libxcb-randr0
  Depends: libxcb-render0
  Depends: libxcb-shape0
  Depends: libxcb-shm0
  Depends: libxcb-sync1
  Depends: libxcb-xfixes0
  Depends: libxcb-xtest0
  Depends: libxcb1
  Depends: libxcursor1
  Depends: libxext6
  Depends: libxrandr2
  Depends: libxxf86vm1
  Breaks: kde-style-bespin
  Breaks: kde-style-bespin:i386
  Breaks: <kde-style-skulpture>
  Breaks: <kde-style-skulpture:i386>
  Breaks: kde-workspace-data
  Breaks: <kde-workspace-data:i386>
  Breaks: kdeartwork-theme-window
  Breaks: kdeartwork-theme-window:i386
  Breaks: <kdebase-workspace-data>
  Breaks: <kdebase-workspace-data:i386>
  Breaks: kwin-style-crystal
  Breaks: kwin-style-crystal:i386
  Breaks: kwin-style-dekorator
  Breaks: kwin-style-dekorator:i386
  Breaks: kwin-style-qtcurve
  Breaks: kwin-style-qtcurve:i386
  Replaces: kde-workspace-data
  Replaces: <kde-workspace-data:i386>
  Replaces: <kdebase-workspace-data>
  Replaces: <kdebase-workspace-data:i386>
  Conflicts: kde-window-manager:i386