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I upgraded from 18 to Ubuntu 20.04 a few days ago. I listen to music through Google Play Music's website which I load in Firefox. I noticed that now Ubuntu has app specific volumes (cool). Since I stream shows and movies through Firefox I decided to crank the Firefox volume to the max and then fine-tune the volume on the website and with the system's master volume. The problem is that the sound for Firefox keeps resetting. In fact, it seems to reset with every Google Play song. I go from being able to hear my music to hearing silence. Why does this happen and can it be stopped?

Volume Levels

For the moment, I'm leaving the Firefox volume to where it defaults and increasing the volume on the website.

Best Answer

Try adding or changing flat-volumes=no setting in pulseaudio's daemon.conf:

The "daemon.conf" can be found in the following paths:

User definitions:



System definitions:



About flat-volumes:


flat-volumes Enable 'flat' volumes, i.e. where possible let the sink volume equal the maximum of the volumes of the inputs connected to it. Takes a boolean argument, defaults to yes.

Pulseaudio Arch Wiki

flat-volumes scales the device-volume with the volume of the "loudest" application. For example, raising the VoIP call volume will raise the hardware volume and adjust the music-player volume so it stays where it was, without having to lower the volume of the music-player manually. Defaults to yes upstream, but to no within Arch. Note: The default behavior upstream can sometimes be confusing and some applications, unaware of this feature, can set their volume to 100% at startup, potentially blowing your speakers or your ears. This is why Arch defaults to the classic (ALSA) behavior by setting this to no.

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