Ubuntu – “Input/output error” when trying to access Windows directory from within Ubuntu

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I have Windows 10 and Ubuntu 17.10 installed together as a dual-boot system. When I try to copy files from the Windows 10 system directory I encounter this error:

Input/Output Error

I am pretty sure that Windows runs normally – I can read the files under Windows 10. And I am also sure that the files are not corrupted, since if I use ls in the terminal, I can get the output as expected:

Listing the content of the "Windows" directory in Terminal

I can also open any subdirectories of the "Windows" directory using nautilus, by using cd to navigate to that directory first, then using nautilus ..

Only the "Windows" directory can not be opened in nautilus. What can I do to resolve this error?

Best Answer

  • Adding to Yashas' answer:

    To get Windows to shut down fully -- bypassing Fast Shutdown, hibernation, and anything else -- you don't need to permanently change the power settings, just reboot to the Windows login screen, click the power button ⏻, then click Shut down while holding Shift. Then you can access the folders from Ubuntu. Note this may be only temporary, until the next time you use Windows.

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