Ubuntu – Install Python 3.7 packages in Ubuntu 20.04


I recently upgraded to 20.04 from 19.10. Now i face issues since i need to use a virtual environment with Python 3.7 and cant seem to install the packages:
– Python3.7-venv
– Python 3.7-dev

Seems like these are not supported by 20.04.

Any way to install them for 20.04?
Would they still have worked if i didnt do autoremove during the upgrade?

I hope to avoid having to reinstall 19.10.

Best Answer

  • In Ubuntu 20.04, you will get bydefault Python 3.8 version. If you want to install Python 3.7, you can download python 3.7 tarball file and install it.

    tar -xvzf Python-3.7.7.tgz
    pip install .
    python setup.py install
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