Ubuntu – install termcap from


From apt-get or aptitude there's just termcap-compact, but I still see "no termcap library found" when trying to install my software (a development kit from another enterprise).

This happens just on my computer.

This page has a .tar.gz, but looks like it's the source, I how to install it..

Where can I install termcap from?

Best Answer

For libraries and header files, you have to install the developer packages, often the package name with the -dev prefix appended.

The termcap library and headers are part of the libncurses5-dev package, which can be installed using:

sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev

Additionally, if you just want to build a newer version of a package, consider using the build-dep command to fetch all known dependencies for the package that is currently in the repositories. For instance:

sudo apt-get build-dep nmon

Would install the following packages (if not already installed):

debhelper libncurses5-dev hardening-wrapper