Ubuntu – Install Ubuntu 15.04 alongside Windows 8.1

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I know the question is repeated but my question pertains to a very specific issue and is likely to be useful for future users who would install 15.04.

I read the original answer and it says there would be no problems of UEFI (Pre-installed Windows 8/8.1) while installing Ubuntu 15.04 unlike here, here and here.

From the original answer:

If however, you are using 15.04+, rejoice!, in all tests I have done with 15.04+ there was no need to do any of the steps mentioned here, so enjoy Ubuntu in all of it's booting glory!.

I wanted to ask if there are any pre-requisites while trying to install Ubuntu 15.04 (not 14.04) (with respect to UEFI, in Preinstalled Windows 8/8.1) and is it safe to assume that Ubuntu 15.04 would get installed correctly by creating the Live USB stick (as mentioned in the Ubuntu Website/guides) ?

Also, if possible please brief about the changes Ubuntu 15.04 incorporated which makes this carefree dual boot installation possible ?

Thanks a lot.

Best Answer

Yep, there should be no issues. I dual booted 8.1 and KUbuntu 15.04 for a while and even managed to uninstall it when I didn't need it anymore to just have Windows 8.1 with no issues. All while on UEFI, I didn't try it on ATA though but both ways it should work flawlessly.

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