Ubuntu – Install Ubuntu alongside Win 8.1 on separate physical drives and dual-boot


I have a PC with an OEM install of Win 8 updated to 8.1. It has 3 physical hard drives in it. The drive where Windows is installed has a LOT of partitions on it already.

Can I install Ubuntu on a different physical hard drive than Windows, and be able to dual-boot?

I am able to boot to a live USB of Ubuntu 14.04, so I think I'm about ready to proceed. But if I can make my installation easier by using a different physical drive, I'd like to do that.

Best Answer

  • Yes you can install ubuntu on a different drive. but you need to know something before you proceed. new EFI systems these days (or UEFI) has Fastboot/General-optimization option. that makes the PC boot faster. but if you turn this ON and install ubuntu on a different drive, you will get the grub prompt saying "no such device" error. Reason is that Fastboot/General-optimization only recognize one HDD at boot time. I'll explain the error you will get, assume that your windows disc is sda and ubuntu disk is sdb.

    • sda1 recovery (windows)
    • sda2 EFI
    • sda3 Windows
    • sdb1 ubuntu
    • sdb2 home
    • sdb3 swap

    in this situation... EFI firmware can read the grub EFI entry in the sda2 partiton but it leads to sdb1 disk and fastboot is ON, you will surely get "no such device" error. So you have to turn off fast boot option in EFI firmware.

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