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I've got a 2018 MacBook Pro 13" with Touch Bar and would like to install Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic (or Kubuntu) on it.

It boots fine from the USB stick (created per Ubuntu Tutorial "Create bootable USB stick on macOS"). But in Ubuntu (or Kubuntu), neither the keyboard nor the touchpad work ;-(

I've read the post Installing Ubuntu on MacBook Pro on ask ubuntu.

A bit later, I found the Gist "0 Linux-On-MBP-Late-2016.md". According to this, Keyboard and Touchpad just don't work during installation. "Fine"…

I now managed to repartition the mac's disk and install macOS High Sierra and Kubuntu on the system. But now I'm stuck at the Grub prompt 🙁

Would anyone maybe have a definitive guide? 😉

Best Answer

  • Getting the internal trackpad and keyboard to work with the 2018 Macbook pro is the least of your concern really. There are no drivers for the Apple SSD controller yet. So regardless of that fact, it won't let you install anything...

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