Ubuntu – Install wine1.5 not wine1.6


I am trying to use Adobe Reader 10 with Wine in Ubuntu 12.04. The installer doesn't work on 1.4; but the WineHQ database shows it running under 1.5. I tried installing wine1.5 as per the instructions on the download page; but the package that the wine 1.5 beta link points to installs the 1.6 release candidate. How do I get the older 1.5 package?

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  • If it works on wine 1.5 probably it works on 1.6.

    Wine 1.5 was a development version that was renumbered to 1.6-rcX as it got close to stable. Wine 1.6-rc1 was released at 2013/06/07, the code was frozen and now only bug fixes (no new features) are accepted.

    Stick to wine 1.6, probably it'll work.

    I successfully installed Adobe Reader 10.1.4 on wine 1.6-rc4, here's what I've done:

    1. Downloaded Adobe Reader 10.1.4.
    2. Ran winecfg and set Windows version as Windows XP.
    3. Ran winetricks -q mspatcha as recommended at WineHQ appdb.
    4. Installed Adobe Reader by running: wine ~/Downloads/AdbeRdr1014_en_US.exe.

    Adobe Reader complains about "Protected Mode" at start up. I just choose Always open with Protected Mode disabled and had no problems.

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