Ubuntu – Installation hangs at “Retrieving file 43 of 105”


This is my second attempt at installing Ubuntu. In my first attempt, I selected "download updates" and "install third-party components"; in my second attempt, I deselected both. Still experiencing the same problem.

In my first attempt at installing Ubuntu, after the installation stuck at "Retrieving file 43 of 105", I selected "skip" and the installation completed. After I started to run the OS, I received a notification that language support was incomplete. When I tried to update it, the Ubuntu Software Centre updating process hung on "waiting for jockey-backend to exit", seemingly indefinitely.

At that point, I decided to reinstall the system (since the whole process is only supposed to take 45 minutes or less), but, as I mentioned above my results were the same.

I'm new to Ubuntu. Any advice? Where are the files (including file 43) being retrieved from? Online or from the ubuntu installation iso?

I have searched many forums for an answer to this problem, and have seen others with the same issue but I haven't found a solution.

Best Answer

I got stuck on retrieving file 43 of 105 as well, to get past it I simply turned off the wifi button on my laptop and cut off the internet, it then stopped downloading and proceeded with the installation :)

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