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When I am trying to install noxim on Ubuntu, the Error message on terminal is :

no yaml  configuration file found! 
Use -config to load examples from config_examples folder.

In addition I have a config_examples folder, but I don't know what to do.

Best Answer

  • there is one mistake in command

    bash <(wget -qO- --no-check-certificate https://raw.githubusercontent.com/davidepatti/noxim/master/other/setup/ubuntu.sh)

    in ubnutu.sh file second line is

    cp ../config_examples/config.yaml .

    it should be

    cp ../config_examples/other/config.yaml .

    solution : copy config.yaml from noxim/config_examples/other/ to /noxim/bin/ then go to /noxim/bin/ and run command


    it will show completion message like

    Loading configuration from file config.yaml
    Running with default parameters (use '-help' option to see how to override them)
     done! Now running for 10000 cycles...
    Noxim simulation completed.

    if you did some changes while debugging this problem or you are going to install on fresh system then do following steps : download ubuntu.sh file

    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/davidepatti/noxim/master/other/setup/ubuntu.sh

    open file ubuntu.sh and go to second last line and change it cp ../config_examples/config.yaml . to cp ../config_examples/other/config.yaml . and save it make it executable using command

    chmod +x ubuntu.sh 

    then run it

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