Ubuntu – Installing Tata Photon Plus Dialer-Ubuntu 13.10


I am using Ubuntu-13.10. I bought a new Tata Photon Plus Prepaid connection (EC-156 Modem). I installed the dialer in my Windows Desktop Pc and it went fine. I tried to install the dialer software in my laptop with Ubuntu. I saw the manual and i was told that after inserting the modem to the system i can find the device in /media. But even after waiting for long time i couldn't see the files in that folder. Only if i can go to that location i can install the dialer software as said by the manual. But i can use the modem to connect to internet from the networks menu available at the top. What is the Problem? Why i couldn't install the Dialer?

Output of lsblk:

Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

To view the files on the modem,run the below commands one by one on terminal,

sudo mkdir /media/modem
sudo mount /dev/sr1 /media/modem

your modem will be mounted on /media/modem.You can go there and view the files in it.