Ubuntu – “Installing third-party drivers requires configuring Secure Boot”


Today I wanted to install Kubuntu 18.10 on my computer, but I was surprised that during installation there's information: "Installing third-party drivers requires configuring Secure Boot", which doesn't make much sense to me as third-party drivers are the ones that can't be installed with Secure Boot turned on. I don't need secure boot, but I'm curious, if something changed and now we can use third-party drivers with Secure Boot or is that information wrong?

Here's the image of how this looks in installation window:


Best Answer

  • You can either just add a password, and Ubuntu will sign kernel drivers with that password, OR you can go into your BIOS and disable secure boot, which will disable this message.

    Both are safe, although it's possible the former could lead to problems updating drivers later. See Is it safe to disable Secure Boot? for more discussion of this question.