Ubuntu – Installing ubuntu 12.04.02 in uefi mode


I've got a new laptop with pre-installed windows 8 and since the beginning of the week I've been trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 without success.

Today, after turning off UEFI (using "Compatibility Support Module" or simply "CSM") I managed to install Ubuntu using this URL found on Ubuntu official website: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI.

I've run the boot-repair tool while running Linux. Tried to use the automatic repair and everything went fine and I've restarted the machine.

Then I turned UEFI on again and the first surprise was: the initial screen was not Windows boot loader any more but grub; I really don't want that.

And the second surprise: although I can boot Windows (I am using it right now) , I can't initiate Linux. After choosing one of Linux options in the grub screen, absolutely nothing happens.

Here's the link generated by the boot repair application: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5763591/

If possible I would really appreciate some help in (1) setting windows boot loader screen as the default and (2) install and run Linux (with dual boot windows) with UEFI and FastBoot on on this machine.

If you have a tutorial that you think I can follow to solve these problems I would also be very pleased.

Update June, 16th
Hello, I appreciate your answer.
In fact, first, I've installed Ubuntu with Uefi turned off and everything worked well. Then, while using Ubuntu, I've followed the steps on the link that I've pasted on the last post in order to convert the Ubuntu installation from legacy to Uefi mode. After I did that, the system couldn't be loaded any more. When I turn on my notebook, the first screen that cames to me is the Grub2 screen. In that screen I have two options for ubuntu, and 4 for windows. I can load windows with no problems, but when I try to load Ubuntu (recovery or normal mode), the system simply does not respond. It shows me just a black screen and then I have to restart the notebook through the power button. I've tried loading ubuntu this way with and without uefi and I have the same result.The point is: I want now to uninstall linux and clean the partition that I've reserved to the installation in order to install it again and use the os with legacy mod.
But how can I do that without loading the os?
Thank your very much, Vitor.

Best Answer

Unfortunately so far I have not seen anyone install a GNU / Linux with UEFI so you must configure your BIOS to legacy that way you can access the GRUB, I hope you're looking for