Ubuntu – Installing Ubuntu alongside an existing Windows system without creating a CD?

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This Ubuntu help wiki page says that, in order to add Ubuntu on an existing Windows system, I must burn Ubuntu on a CD first. But CDs are becoming less common these days, so I wonder if there is a way to install Ubuntu without burning it on a CD (or a DVD, or a USB stick) – just download the ISO to my Windows machine and then somehow install it as dual boot.

In the past I have tried to use Wubi for that purpose, but this was not stable, and got stuck too many times. So now I want to create a dual-boot system.

Best Answer

To install Ubuntu without a CD or DVD or USB, you need to install Ubuntu as WUBI first, then migrate it to a hard drive partition using 'migrate-wubi'. This will work like a normal installation and won't be slow like WUBI. How to do this is written on this page

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