Ubuntu – Installing ubuntu onto the 13 year old PC

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I have a Windows XP Dell, from like 2000.

I'm trying to completely install Ubuntu onto it, not run it from a CD, or USB. I want it to erase everything, now I tried the windows installer and it said I didn't have enough space. My computer won't let me delete anything else that is big, but still doesn't have enough space.

So I downloaded Ubuntu 12.10 onto my USB and loaded the boot setup, however my down arrow key doesn't work so I can't make it boot from my USB and can't use WUBI because the computer thinks it needs the space. Are there any shortcuts to replace the down arrow key?

Or any other ways to install Linux?

Best Answer

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS should work fine, except for GUI 'features' which will be partially disabled. I would not try 12.10 (or 13.04), other than as an experiment (that may need to be undone).

You need to fix the keyboard, but using Tab should work for now. I assume you need this key to work in BIOS.

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