Ubuntu – Internet access possible only through Tor browser after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04


I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04. Since then, I am able to access Internet only through Tor browser. Before the upgrade, I could access Internet using a normal Chrome/Firefox browser without involving Tor. How to fix this?

Best Answer

Did you try to add Google servers? That's a hard reset I do sometimes after updating NordVPN I cannot access the internet neither Chromium or Firefox but Telegram works perfectly fine, like what a hack... There's a hard reset I use by overwriting resolv.conf

sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf

delete what is inside and add


Save it and close. Resolv.conf gets overwritten all the time by your system environment so you won't do much damage to the network it more likely will produce debug effect.

Now run

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service

Or click switch On / Off network icon.

You can find lots of variants in this old thread as well as similar to my way of workaround above and use it as a fix.