Ubuntu – Inverse search from Okular to Kile


Upgraded to 12:04
now can't get inverse search to work (from Okular to Kile)
My settings:
in Kile I have: Tools -> Mode -> Normal

in Okular I have: Settings-> Configure->Editor (and set Editor to Kile)

In Kile I have tried the buttons: PDFLatex and then ForwardPDF
and also: Latex and then ForwardPDF.

both bring up PDF in Okular, but SHIFT/leftClick does not do an inverse search.

A bug in Kile? in Okular? in 12.04? in me?

I'm using a System76 Pangolin P8. Thanks for any help

Best Answer

  • First of all, check if you configuration is like the following:


    If yes, look at what happened to me: I had the same problem of inverse search not working.

    The answer can't be simpler. Be sure select Browse tool in Okular, not Zoom or anything else.

    That's it!

    I lost 2 hours trying to find that solution.

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