Ubuntu – Is a clean install better than upgrading?


Is it better to install Ubuntu completely new or is the upgrade process just as good? In other words, will my computer run just as problem-free and efficiently when I upgrade as opposed to a fresh install?

Best Answer

  • Typically, upgrades are just fine in Ubuntu. It's not like Windows where you have a huge registry to carry over from your last system. As long as you haven't had to follow many tutorials or done any workarounds to fix problems in a unique way (i.e. using a special application to enable your wireless card or made some major changes to your kernel for whatever reason) you'll be fine.

    In fact, I'd say about 90% of people who are asking this question will be fine with the upgrade.

    If you want to stay absolutely safe, you can always wait for the vetted point release upgrade, or even maybe wait for the next LTS release in a few years. It's your choice. You'll still be supported for the next three years with updates if you're on 10.04 right now.

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