Ubuntu – Is an online Ubuntu terminal emulator available

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I want to play around with some terminal commands from official Ubuntu packages, but at the moment I don't have access to an Ubuntu PC.

Is there an online and free terminal emulator running, say, Ubuntu 16.04?

I have tried this one but seems quite limited (for example, I can not run xmodmap). Others require subscription and are not free.

It would be ideal if you can test the installation of packages based on current repositories, read default configuration files, and run the most commands as possible.

Note: I see the option of a VirtualBox, but imagine you are in a public library without access to USB or administrative rights. An online option is the only way.

Best Answer

A perfect solution for your demand to "play around with some terminal commands from official Ubuntu packages" would be to use the LXD demo server that lets you try out the LXD container hypervisor, which is available for installation in the Ubuntu repositories. With LXD you can use a system container running on top of the bare metal installation of the Ubuntu operating system.

LXD demo server specifications are :

  • Limit of 30 minutes per session
  • Limit of 5 sessions per IP
  • 2 shared CPU cores
  • 512 MB of dedicated memory
  • 10 GB of dedicated disk space
  • IPv6 only network connectivity

Example from an Ubuntu 16.04 system container running on top of the Ubuntu 16.10 system :

cl@cl-uw-1:~$ lxc start uc-1604-1
cl@cl-uw-1:~$ lxc exec uc-1604-1 bash
root@uc-1604-1:~# xmodmap
The program 'xmodmap' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
apt install x11-xserver-utils

Example from performing the same on the evaluation LXD 16.04 LTS server operating system :


As you can see, you are able to play around with commands on original Ubuntu without having to install anything. This can be done (for free) from where ever you are just by using a web browser. Open the LXD demo server in the web browser, accept the terms of the service and start using it.

If you like and want to use LXD containers on your system, just execute : sudo apt install lxd
Learn more about LXD in the documentation and in the comprehensive blog post series from the the technical lead and upstream project leader for LXC / LXD at Canonical Ltd. - St├ęphane Graber.