Ubuntu – Why is exfat greyed out in gparted?


I have installed both exfat-fuse and exfat-utils.

However, when I go to gparted, and attempt to format a partition as exFAT, the exfat option is greyed out when attempting to create or format a partition.

exfat greyed out when attempting to format an existing partition

exfat greyed out when attempting to create a new partition

Why is this so? How can I use gparted to create an exfat partition?

Best Answer

  • In View->File System Support, exFAT currently doesn't have support in gparted (0.28.1) for anything other than moving or copying.

    enter image description here

    No "required software" is listed, so it doesn't (yet) know about exfat-utils.

    However, because:

    • the partition is a valid partition, and
    • its perfectly safe to move or copy (since the internals of the filesystem are not affected by a move)

    the partition must be listed in the list of filesystems, but greyed out in this context.

    Unfortunately, at this point, the Gnome team have decided not to build further support due to concerns about breaching Microsoft patents in their other products (e.g. Gnome Live) which would require them to ship supporting binaries.

    If you must format a partition as exfat, then you can use gnome-disks (a.k.a. "Disks") as in this question: GUI tool for formating to exFAT