Ubuntu – Is it possible to use binary nvidia driver with GeForce 7300 SE


I have an Nvidia GeForce 7300 SE. It worked fine with the nvidia driver when I was using 10.10. When I upgraded to 12.04, the (nvidia-current) binary driver failed—I couldn't even get a login screen. The "nouveau" driver works okay, but the display is quite sluggish.

I've read about the fact that my GeForce is blacklisted (here and here). But, when I tried the suggested workaround of using nvidia-173, I discovered that it wouldn't install because of a failed dependency: xorg-video-abi-10 (Package not available). The "precise" nvidia-173 package page notes this (dependency bug?)

So, my real question: is there a GeForce 7300 SE workaround for 12.04?

Best Answer

  • In my case, Im using Linux Mint, but i guess that all repositories in this os is still the same as in Ubuntu, Using Linux Mint Maya (Ubuntu 12.04 equivalent in precise) I followed this forum


    Since Nvidia-96 is not available on any higher versions (precise and upper i guess), in this forum, they tried to get the Nvidia package to a lower ubuntu version (oneiric) and use it to their current OS and downgrade their xorg to oneiric.

    Now these steps are still working in my system, and I'm using oneiric nvidia-96. Nvidia-173 is also available to oneiric repository. But please read all the recommendations in the link above to avoid problems.

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