Ubuntu – Is it safe to uninstall Ubuntu partition after having done the following


So I recently posted a question with regards to removing Ubuntu. Since then I have been trying out a few things and a new question popped into my head. The main thing I have been trying is the shift + restart thing to open that one screen then going into Troubleshoot → Advanced Options → Command Prompt. From there I type bootrec /fixmbr which works. However, /fixboot keeps saying access denied (does anyone know how to fix this?) which is a new issue I'm experiencing.

I came across another video and someone in the comments also mentioned to access the BIOS and change the boot order. I changed it so that Windows Boot Manager takes precedence and my grub boot loader no longer appears; I am taken straight to Windows. Is it safe to go into my disk management now and delete my partition or is it not safe since I still can't successfully execute the commands I listed above?

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