Ubuntu – Is Python Preinstalled on Ubuntu


Why is Python Preinstalled on Ubuntu?

  • Does the operating system depend on Python?

Best Answer

  • Looking at 20.04, the technical reason is that ubuntu-minimal depends on python3. It would be tough to run Ubuntu without ubuntu-minimal as its description is

    This package depends on all of the packages in the Ubuntu minimal system, that is a functional command-line system with the following capabilities:

    • Boot
    • Detect hardware
    • Connect to a network
    • Install packages
    • Perform basic diagnostics

    It is also used to help ensure proper upgrades, so it is recommended that it not be removed.

    While I expect most of the core Linux programs don't require python, I believe a lot of software that Ubuntu (Canonical) writes is done in python. Things like ubuntu-advantage, landscape, cloud-init, and netplan.

    Another common dependency is that there are python apt libraries used by a number of packages. For example, unattended-upgrades is written in python