Ubuntu – Is server restart required?


When logging into my Ubuntu instance I get the message *** System restart required ***. I am running a server and uptime is very important for me.

How can I know why the restart is required? I have setup automatic security updates and I suspect one of those updates requires a restart. I only want to restart the server if the updated software is relevant to my setup.

Best Answer

  • Any number of different updates can require you to reboot.

    • Kernel upgrades
    • Some core C/C++ library changes
    • Updates which can only be applied with a reboot to fully close an affected service's code that is part of the core OS
    • Certain undefined library updates which Security Team suggests a reboot to fix (the latest glibc vulnerability for instance, or some SSL library updates)

    Unfortunately it is impossible to state what specifically is causing your system to say it needs rebooted, because there's so many potential causes for a reboot to be needed.

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