Ubuntu – Is there a global menu for the XFCE panel


It would be very useful, and am thinking of switching to XFCE for the speed.

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  • This instructionswork in 11.10 and earlier

    No and yes. There is not one currently supported just for xfce that works (an old one exists, but is broke-see below). However, you can use the "xfce-xfapplet-plugin" xfce plugin (listed in synaptic) to put the "gnome-applet-globalmenu" or the "indicator-applet-appmenu" onto the xfce panel.

    See my answer at the following link to add the "gnome-applet-globalmenu" to your setup. The instructions are for the gnome panel, but if you use the the plugin I mentioned above, you can add the "gnome-applet-globalmenu" to your xfce panel. It is a bit flaky. I found the "indicator-applet-appmenu" works better with xfce while the "gnome-applet-globalmenu" works better with the gnome-panel. Your mileage may vary.

    Global - Menu applet on maverick

    The ppa mentioned in the link also adds a listing in synaptic for an "xfce4-global-menu applet", but it does NOT work and according to the README is no longer supported.

    Here is a screenshot of it in action (yes, I like a mac-ish look): xfce with "indicator-applet-appmenu" in panel