Ubuntu – GUI version of nmap available


Is there a GUI version for nmap that can be installed without manually downloading the program?

I don't have a problem with doing so, but it would be nice if there is one available in the repositories, or by adding a repo.

Best Answer

  • Zenmap

    You can use zenmap, it is in the repository

    sudo apt-get install zenmap

    Here is its website I think it is the official GUI as the site is nmap.org.

    enter image description here


    If you don't like that one try umit, it is in the repository as well

    sudo apt-get install umit

    This one did not have its own website, here is its source forge page

    enter image description here


    Finally there is nmapsi4 too, this seems the best looking one, if you are in to that

    sudo apt-get install nmapsi4

    Again no website, but here is its launchpad page

    enter image description here


    There are at least two more available, including a python one and a web interface but this is getting a bit long, to find them yourself, run this command

    apt search nmap