Ubuntu – is there a ppa for up to date netbeans installation on ubuntu 14.04


I search for my question too much, but i didn't found any good answer.

I want to know is there any separate repository for installing and updating netbeans on ubutnu 14.04?

In the ubuntu 14.04 standard repositories, netbeans version is 7.0, in case that the 8.x version is released.

Best Answer

  • Though I'm not sure on details, being quite new to Linux, Stack, and with the IDE selections on here, I believe the propper ppa is ppa:vajdics/netbeans-installer as was sourced from vajdics launchpad.

    To list out some sort of instruction.

    1. Open the terminal ( Ctrl+Alt+T )
    2. Input "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vajdics/netbeans-installer" and hit Enter.
    3. Input "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install netbeans-installer" and hit Enter again.
    4. You'll be prompted again as to whether you would like to continue the installation, Just input "Y" and press Enter again.

    That's it. I hope this dispels some problems others might be having. To be fair, I did cheat, I was using 13.10, but I've grown tired of looking up my issues only to be directed to older posts/solutions that are either out of date or pandering to Ubuntu's built in solutions(universe). I hope this solution is one that works with 12.04 and that it helps all who are stuck on this issue.