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I have a desktop install of ubuntu, not server. But I am running a localhost LAMP stack for development. Is there a simple mail server I can install so that PHP's sendmail works?

Ideally it will have few options and minimal configuration, and preferably a GUI rather than CL interface.

EDIT to add – do I use the Local Only configuration to test php mail()?
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  • The easiest one I've ever installed is postfix with dovecot. There is a dovecot-postfix package, but it also looks like the Ubuntu server team has packaged this as mail-stack-delivery :

    Description: mail server delivery agent stack provided by Ubuntu server team
     Ubuntu's mail stack provides fully operational delivery with
     safe defaults and additional options. Out of the box it supports IMAP,
     POP3 and SMTP services with SASL authentication and Maildir as default
     storage engine.

    Looking in the Software Center, I see that dovecot-postfix is present as a meta-pacakge (but I don't know if it will be called that a release or two from now). But that is what I'd recommend -- it's straightforward and secure.

    From the command line on my 10.10 desktop, I installed this via apt-get :

    sudo apt-get install dovecot-postfix

    Give it a shot if you like, and if you have questions, just start a new post.

    Here's a oldish (2009) Ubuntu Server Blog post that gives some of the details on the dovecot-postfix configuration.

    I'm trying to find out more information on the current status of Ubuntu-centric mailserver projects. Right now I'm not finding much more than a May 2010 wiki post about making anti-spam/virus integration easier.

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