Ubuntu – Is there a VRML2 (VRML97 / WRL) viewer


Is there a VRML2 (VRML97) viewer that works out of the box for Ubuntu? I've heard about g3dviewer (no support for VRML2), and also about freeWRL, whitedune and VRMLViewer – but I cannot find any .debs of these, and it seems their building from source is rather involved.

blender can import these files – but I'd want a quick viewer here; if I have a directory with 4-5 wrl files, I have to import each in blender, then delete everything from blender so I can load and display the next one.

Any suggestions?

Best Answer

Both 10.04.3 LTS and 11.10 oneiric have whitedune and it seems to work ok. Install it with a package manager or sudo apt-get install whitedune.